Handwired Keyboard Project: Part 4

Mar 24, 2020  
The case, and some final touches

Handwired Keyboard Project: Part 3

Dec 12, 2019  
Assembly, and a working keyboard

Handwired Keyboard Project: Part 2

Sep 13, 2019  
The Linux Kernel, Device layers, i2c drivers, and kernel module

Handwired Keyboard Project: Part 1

Jan 16, 2019  
What happens when you mix software debugging processes and hardware...

Automatic HTTPS Server using Caddy Reverse-Proxy on Google Kubernetes Engine

Feb 27, 2018  
A guide on how to set up a caddy web server which reverse proxies to another kubernetes pod.

Hey, NativeScript!

Oct 3, 2017  
A quick guide to set up a NativeScript mobile application using a Docker environment

Build your own tiny debian docker image

Sep 6, 2017  
Create your own minimal base docker image to build on top of

WAPIQ: Web API Query Language

Feb 25, 2017  
Introduction to a library I've written in golang. Explains what the project's all about, why I wrote it, and how to use it!
Go  API  WAPIQ  Parser 

Ionic 2 Framework - Integrating FCM Notifications

Oct 10, 2016  
I started using the Ionic Framework for work, and had noticed people struggling with the FCM integration for firebase messaging, so I wrote this tutorial to help everyone out!

Exploring Rust - Part 3: Writing a Programming Language Parser (Nom)

Aug 23, 2016  
Taking a look at writing a programming language parser using Nom