In Tents

Jun 4, 2017  
A scaling improv on Barry, suffering from a bit of writers improv block lately...

Hints of Spagbol

Mar 21, 2017  
A delicious track tuned in A# F A# C G A# on Barry

Yet Another Harmonic

Jan 29, 2017  
After some absense, here is another baritone improv to practice some pull off harmonics!

A Barry Exploratorium

Dec 19, 2016  
Another installment of the much loved Barry improv. Tuning dropped into something a bit dreamy...

A Welly We Roam

Nov 25, 2016  
This time with some standard issue Wellington wind accompaniment...

A Barry Improv

Oct 30, 2016  
Quick improv with my new Alvarez Baritone Acoustic guitar, unable to record with my normal pickups this time...