May 23, 2016  
Some flamencish sort of improvisation - The usual process of finding a tuning, and experiment with patterns that go well together.

A Harmonic for Twelfth

May 7, 2016  
A somewhat improvised song, mostly smacking the 12th fret harmonics. Tuning is as follows (Fret number to next string open): 7, 3, 7, 4, 3 (Basically drop D tuning with high string also D?)

Improvisation: A Tune in Another Tune

Apr 26, 2016  
Some improvisation on an odd tuning. Still without the use of my ring finger... Tuning as follows (By fret number above open string): 5,7,7,5,4

Interrupted by a Motorcycle

Apr 14, 2016  
Interrupted by a motorcycle a minute and a half in, but here's an odd tuning I've been playing on for a while!

Something About Three Fingers

Mar 12, 2016  
Progress towards a song I'm still working on, it seems to change everytime... Like the last video, my finger is out of comission, so 3 fingers is where its at! This time standard tuning, and a simple equilizer to cut down ambient noise.

Two Finger Improv

Feb 29, 2016  
After a trip to New Zealand I had a finger out of commission, this has the capo and tuning to make up for that. For those of you interested, its Open-D with the 3rd and 4th strings swapped with a capo on the fifth fret.