In Tents

Jun 4, 2017  
A scaling improv on Barry, suffering from a bit of writers improv block lately...

Hints of Spagbol

Mar 21, 2017  
A delicious track tuned in A# F A# C G A# on Barry

Yet Another Harmonic

Jan 29, 2017  
After some absense, here is another baritone improv to practice some pull off harmonics!

A Barry Exploratorium

Dec 19, 2016  
Another installment of the much loved Barry improv. Tuning dropped into something a bit dreamy...

A Welly We Roam

Nov 25, 2016  
This time with some standard issue Wellington wind accompaniment...

A Barry Improv

Oct 30, 2016  
Quick improv with my new Alvarez Baritone Acoustic guitar, unable to record with my normal pickups this time...

Super Hasty Last Mix

Sep 19, 2016  
As some of you know I'm moving to the other side of the world... So this is the last recording with this setup and guitar

A Slightly Hedges Improv

Jul 31, 2016  
Started to learn Aerial Boundaries (Michael Hedges) in CCDGAD, here's some improv in that same tuning (Little Hedges thrown in it seems...)

Hello Fidelity

Jun 19, 2016  
Finally got around to recording something on the new pickups and interface. Still needs some work on percussive levels but it is an improvement!


May 23, 2016  
Some flamencish sort of improvisation - The usual process of finding a tuning, and experiment with patterns that go well together.