Three Fingers

Hello Fidelity

Jun 19, 2016  
Finally got around to recording something on the new pickups and interface. Still needs some work on percussive levels but it is an improvement!


May 23, 2016  
Some flamencish sort of improvisation - The usual process of finding a tuning, and experiment with patterns that go well together.

A Harmonic for Twelfth

May 7, 2016  
A somewhat improvised song, mostly smacking the 12th fret harmonics. Tuning is as follows (Fret number to next string open): 7, 3, 7, 4, 3 (Basically drop D tuning with high string also D?)

Improvisation: A Tune in Another Tune

Apr 26, 2016  
Some improvisation on an odd tuning. Still without the use of my ring finger... Tuning as follows (By fret number above open string): 5,7,7,5,4

Something About Three Fingers

Mar 12, 2016  
Progress towards a song I'm still working on, it seems to change everytime... Like the last video, my finger is out of comission, so 3 fingers is where its at! This time standard tuning, and a simple equilizer to cut down ambient noise.