Simon Willshire


2022 (Aug) - Current

Software Developer at Moffett Automated Storage

  • Stack: C#, MySQL, Linux
  • Domain: Warehouse Automation
2018 (June) - 2021 (Feb)

Senior Software Developer at Adminis

  • Senior position from May 2020
  • Stack: C# ASP.NET, Entity Framework, MSSQL, Angular
  • Deployed: AWS
  • Domain: Finance / Investment
2017 (Dec) - 2018 (Feb)

Software Contractor at BIT

  • Stack: C# ASP.NET Core, PostgreSQL, HTML, JS
  • Deployed: Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Domain: Behavioural Economics
  • Task: Design, create and maintain an A/B testing survey platform
2017 (Oct) - 2018 (Mar)

Software Contractor at The Moon Unit

  • Stack: Go, PostgreSQL, HTML, JS, Ionic Framework, Cordova, Angular
  • Deployed: GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine)
  • Domain: Media Production
  • Task: Design, create and maintain a mobile app, and web admin portal for employee availability
2017 (Sep) - 2018 (Mar)

Senior Developer at CareNZ

  • Contractor and senior role from September 2017 onwards
  • Stack: C# ASP.NET, Entity Framework, MSSQL, HTML, JS, Kendo
  • Domain: Non-profit, Health care, addiction, treatment
2016 (Nov) - 2017

Developer at NSAD

  • Stack: ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, C#, Microsoft SQL (tSQL), HTML, JS
  • Deployed: On premise
  • See above, business split into CareNZ
2016 (March - Nov)

Full Stack Developer at Pathfive

  • Stack: Scala, Play! Framework, PostgreSQL, HTML, JS
  • Mobile Stack: Angular2, and Ionic Framework, Firebase Messaging, OTA update/deployments
  • Domain: Municipality management

Software Developer at QLine Solutions Inc.

  • Stack: ASP.NET MVC, Dapper.NET, C#, Microsoft SQL (tSQL), HTML, JS
  • Task: Converted 400k line legacy VB6 application to .NET. Provided performance/bug fixes for legacy VB6 application
  • Domain: Health care, personal care workers

System Builder / Manager at Extreme PC

  • Built high-performance custom systems ($2k-13k)
  • Managed Google AdWords campaign and website product management
  • Domain: High performance gaming PC's, assembly / IT
2009 (June-August)

Junior Programmer at Ositech Communications

  • Task: Wrote web configuration utility for linux powered peripheral device in C++
  • Domain: Health care equipment, embedded systems



BScH - Computer Science: Software Engineering

  • Read some of my papers on AI, Distributed and ARM Architectures (and some others)

Hobby Projects