Ionic 2 Framework - Integrating FCM Notifications

Oct 10, 2016  
I started using the Ionic Framework for work, and had noticed people struggling with the FCM integration for firebase messaging, so I wrote this tutorial to help everyone out!

Exploring Rust - Part 3: Writing a Programming Language Parser (Nom)

Aug 23, 2016  
Taking a look at writing a programming language parser using Nom

Exploring Rust - Part 2: Vulkan API

Jul 24, 2016  
Taking a look at implementing Vulkan binding in rust using Vulkano

Exploring Rust - Part 1 (Setup: Atom, Racer)

May 14, 2016  
Started taking a look at what all the hype was about with Rust!

Docker Swarm on ARM

Apr 1, 2016  
Steps to set up Docker and Docker Swarm on ARM boards

Adventures In Scala - Part 1: play-scala-intro

Mar 31, 2016  
My transition into using a Scala web stack using the Play! Framework, PostgreSql, and Slick.

Handy Linux Bash Snippets

Mar 31, 2016  
Some bash snippets I can never remember, but are now written down somewhere...

The site is live!

Feb 23, 2016  
This is the first blog post, what else would it be?